Adopt a Learning Organisation platform for Managing, Engaging, Creating and Coaching

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The platform for Learning Organisations!

Manage, Engage, Create, Coach! The xLMS® is the Digital Learning platform for Learning Organisations. It covers 100% of the levers for managing skills-based training by combining LMS + LXP + Field Coaching.

Training is henceforth managed by skills.

Skills-based management

Set the scene for your platform for skills-based management. Offer customised courses and paths for each business profile including positioning tests, training activities and observations in the field.

Genuine blended paths

Make a clear distinction between Paths, Courses and Lessons with a wealth of mixed face-to-face and digital activities. All the phases are managed in conditioned paths, from the registration system to managing attendances and virtual signing.

Increasingly comprehensive methods

Profit from the most extensive coverage of educational methods on the market, with the integration of audio, video, SCORM modules and even educational resources created directly on the platform: virtual classrooms, face-to-face facilitation, assignments, observations, training and summative quizzes. And all this in 27 languages!

Complies with the entire ecosystem

Manage the rights and data security of your users for your subsidiaries and divisions as well as for your partner, customer and supplier communities. Integrate and exchange contents with third-party applications in compliance with the market standards (SCORM, X-API, LTI).

Engaging an entire ecosystem means going beyond mobile and social aspects.

Tailor-made learning gateways

Design, stage and bring your learning universes to life, just as freely as for a website, with differentiated access. An approach that is especially suitable for your customer learning, supplier learning or multi-brand challenges.

Gamification beyond badges

Play on the seven engagement drivers. Surprise your users with notifications and mini-quizzes, motivate them with points and badges. Offer them collective learning challenges to promote their skills to others and let them choose and recommend certain training courses.

Social Learning

Permit some or all your employees to create new topics, submit resources, make comments, put ideas in priority, etc. and invite them to work together around educational goals targeted by their group or community.

Mobile Learning and Micro Learning

Let your employees kick off their training with their smartphones with responsive contents. hey can also benefit from a specific Micro Learning application, with gamified and short contents specially designed for this mode.

For the Learning Organisation, creating knowledge is everyone’s business.

All authors!

All your users can become authors. Simply permit users to created resources very easily and become contributors for the company (UGC). Digital resources feed a knowledgebase and can be re-used in the training sessions.

Automated content curation

Seek, edit and share contents automatically on certain topics of interest. Automated watch is a fast, effective way of feeding the xLMS® platform without having to produce the contents yourself.

Personalised resource catalogue

Expand the catalogue with resources of any kind, duration or format. Spurred on by the training department or selected personally by your users, the resources put forward are the most relevant for the learners.

Off the shelf or customised

Quickly bulk out your content by creating videos, articles, documents or visuals that are freely available in social networks. Combine them with off-the-shelf paid e-learning modules or your own customised business modules integrated in SCORM/x-API format.

Because it’s no longer a question of training but of developing skills.

Skills reference framework

Your learners are above all employees anxious about their skills. Give more meaning to your training activities by attaching skills profiles to them. This allows for searching by skill, evaluation of skills and adaptation of paths.

Smart coaching

Use digital technology to empower your users in their Personal Development Plan (PDI). Give them tools to organise their path at their own pace through goals, with automated reminders and notifications.

Field coaching and work-based training (FEST)

Give pride of place to field support by applying evaluation and observation logics in the field. Allow all your employees to evaluate themselves, observe them in situations, in their business gestures and attitudes and encourage them to provide feedback.

Tutoring, Manager-Coach, Instructor-Coach

Involve managers, tutors and instructors in correcting assignments and field observation of acquired knowledge. The solution can orchestrate all the training actions in work-based training actions (AFEST).

High-performance culture

Use an experiential dimension to unblock team skills and high performance. Just like CinQ/xLMS®, the first e-sport video game rolled out within an xLMS®, with full traceability of training actions and a specific LMS dashboard.

xLMS® = LMS + LXP + Field Coaching

Unified management of all pedagogical modalities
Face-to-face management and traceability (monitoring of evaluations, observations)
Financial management of training
Management by skills
Long-term management (onboarding course and rise in seniority)
Compliance management
Managing roles and permissions
Management of organizations, subdomains
Recursive organizations, identification of hierarchical and functional managers
Monitoring spaces dedicated to managers and tutors
Hub Learning Analytics (centralization and distribution of internal and external analyzes)

70 : Practice and experience 20 : Exchange with peers 10 : Formal training

Gamified Micro Learning
High customization, scripted and designed portal
Site Profiling
Content profiling
Social learning
Autonomous content creation by users (UGC)
Agile research
Animated face-to-face

70 : Practice and experience 20 : Exchange with peers 10 : Formal training

Creation of SCORM e-learning modules (integrated LCMS)
Native creation of learning resources
Automated curation (article briefing)
Native creation of evaluation items (quizzes, surveys and observations)
Multiplexed video management (translation, subtitling, dubbing)
Creation of content independent of courses by employees
Micro learning

70 : Practice and experience 20 : Exchange with peers 10 : Formal training

Tutored missions
Observations by third parties
Repository of trades and skills
Cycles for increasing seniority, nano coaching
Management of training actions in the workplace
Bank of experiential activities in the field
Feedforwardand Feedback
360 Feedback

70 : Practice and experience 20 : Exchange with peers 10 : Formal training