Train, facilitate in the field and convert skills into performance!

Experience Manager

Rise in high-performance skills.

Experience Manager is the shortest route to increasing the skills of your teams: it supports the 70-20-10 approach, AFEST and large-scale managerial development programmes.


Autonomy and need for Feedback reconciled

Let each employee take ownership of the solution as a personal coach on a smartphone, promoting the achievement of short-term objectives and access to feedback from his/her manager.


Support from the manager-coach

Facilitate the manager’s customised or collective coaching actions: he or she can also delegate them to instructors-support staff, coaches or outside referents.

Field coaching

Work-based training (FEST)

Objectify the points acquired or to be developed with assignments and observations in the field. Designed as an exchange and not a top-down evaluation, they can be followed by customised training actions.


Individual and collective progress

Allows each person to measure the efforts and progress in real time: badges, points, time spent and above all acquisition of skills. The dashboards designed for the manager give him an overview of the upscaling of his team’s skills.

On-going learning

High-performance team culture

eSport experiential, support from expert coaches; Experience Manager is the backbone of global programmes to develop skills over time, creating an environment conducive to field coaching and a culture of on-going learning.