Make your distance and face-to-face training courses more dynamic!


Revolutionise the virtual and face-to-face classroom!

Gold medal winner at the Brandon Hall Awards, MOBITEACH is the facilitation tool that instructors have been waiting for to engage their trainees both remotely and in the classroom. Preparation, Facilitation and Evaluation of the training, the first Live Training Platform on the market offers the best global experience to both learners and instructors.

Thin client

Remotely and in the classroom

Use MOBITEACH where you like: no installation needs, the facilitator and participants connect by smartphone, tablet or computer via a browser.


Entertaining and engaging activities

Facilitate a group of learners effectively in real time through a broad range of activities: quiz, survey, word cloud, post-it, white board, etc. Questionnaires can be gamified or not, with or without feedback and led by the learners or the instructor.


Pooling training resources

Pool all the educational resources within the MOBITEACH environment. Every author can bring and create content and then make it available to other users. Data are thus centralised and can be capitalised for everyone involved in training in your company.


Instant feedback and lasting traceability

Monitor the activities of participants live, view their individual and collective progress and then obtain detailed session reports! You have an instant overview of various levels of understanding in order to revisit the learning difficulties identified during the session.

Session management

Easier registration and digitised attendance sheets

Programme your training sessions directly with MOBITEACH, invite your participants to connect with different access modes (public, restricted, secure, QR code, password, etc.) and certify their participation with the built-in signature sheet.


Secure WiFi everywhere

Facilitate your face-to-face training session even without an Internet connection! The MOBITEACH Box generates its own long-range, high-speed WiFi network for up to fifty participants. Ideal for fully-autonomous training sessions in a reliable and totally secure environment.

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